Grace of Monaco Suite

The Grace of Monaco Suite at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac pays tribute to HSH Princess Grace of Monaco and her visit to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, in February 1969, when she was the guest of honor at the 15th edition of the Quebec City Winter Carnival.

The Château Frontenac has seen a considerable number of exceptional events and important visits over the course of more than 125 years of existence, and the visit of Princess Grace of Monaco remains unquestionably a defining moment in the history of the hotel. Not only does the Château wish to pay homage to the beauty, charm and kindness of the princess, but it is also the fairy-tale atmosphere that permeated the Château at this time that we wish to revive with this suite.

We owe this exceptional visit to Mary Schaefer Lamontagne, wife of Quebec City Mayor Gilles Lamontagne. Mary Schaefer Lamontagne was born and raised in Philadelphia and a childhood friend of the Princess with whom she was still close.


The biggest highlight of the visit was the Regency Ball, held in the sumptuous Ballroom of the Château. The Princess then wore a magnificent 18th-century-style daffodil ball gown, that she had made by Costumes de Paris.

Located up high, the magnificent suite occupies an entire side of the hotel’s main tower and thus offers a grandiose panorama of Quebec City on one side and the St. Lawrence River on the other. It has several characteristic elements of the architecture of the Château, namely two charming turrets and two original decorative fireplaces. Archival pieces on loan from the Prince’s Palace of Monaco complete the decoration.

In the center of the private entrance hall is the armchair on which the Princess sat during the Regency Ball and which has been restored. On the left is the magnificent living room of the suite, which offers an office area in one of the turrets. On the walls of the room, you can admire posters highlighting the acting career of Grace of Monaco.


The bedroom of the suite pays homage to the princess’s timeless style and the feminine universe that characterizes her. Floral artworks made by the princess as well as personal items that belonged to her, such as gloves and glasses, are on display in the suite.

The suite has two full bathrooms, one with a bathtub. It can communicate with a second bedroom if necessary to make it a two-bedroom suite.



Icone de la mode, Grace de Monaco a laissé son empreinte en maintenant un style simple mais élégamment raffiné tout au long de sa vie. La chambre à coucher de la suite rend hommage au style intemporel de la princesse et à l’univers féminin qui la caractérise.

Une vitrine a été ajoutée au mobilier de la suite pour mettre en valeur des objets ayant appartenus à la Princesse dont des paires de lunettes et des paires de gants signées par des couturiers.

Grace de Monaco pratiquait un autre art que le cinéma : des tableaux floraux «naturels», choisis et composés à l’aide de fleurs, de feuilles, qu’elle assemblait et collait en des formes diverses. Ses œuvres sont des bouquets auxquels il ne manque que la troisième dimension. Sur les murs de la chambre à coucher, on trouve deux de ces collages.

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